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ElcoMES a Platform for Industry 4.0

Gain real-time insights about your production shopfloor!

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Productivity Improvements

Optimize capacity utilization and load distribution.


Cost Reduction

Cost-efficient solution by upgrading legacy machines.


Real-Time Information

Visualization of real-time data, maintenance notifications and order progress.

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Digital Factory Transformation


Industry 4.0 and industrial internet of things (IIoT) are reshaping manufacturing processes and products by leveraging sensor data, machine-to-machine communication (m2m) and automation technologies.

Elco Solutions provides production intelligence consultancy supporting manufacturing organizations in improving productivity and reducing production time and costs. Our real-time factory floor monitoring and supervision tool features capability to measure key performance indicators, enabling data-driven decisions and statistical process control.

The entire production process from raw-material consumption up to order progress can be monitored providing a detailed real-time data source for management and planning.

Why Choose Us?

Gain real-time Insights
About your Production Area

Software is key for companies to surf the digital wave. This is important as digital is the new normal. Adapt or be disrupted! Companies are either born digital or they are in the midst of a rapid digital transformation. Elco Solutions is helping organizations accelerate time-to-market, creating new products/services, driving operational efficiencies, and delivering new client experiences.


Our Benefits

Take advantage of IoT and gain actionable insights using ElcoMES (Elco Manufacturing Execution System)!


Productivity Improvements

    • Reduce unit and process costs
    • Improve cycle times
    • Decrease downtimes
    • Fault prevention
    • Increase in delivery performance
    • Optimize capacity utilization and load distribution


Cost Reduction

    • Optimization of production procedures
    • Exploitation of Resources
    • Waste recovery, etc.
    • Cost-efficient solution by upgrading legacy machines
    • Risk reduction of human error and acceleration of the induction of new employees


Real-Time Information

    • Visualization of real-time data
    • Maintenance notification
    • Feedback for planning systems
    • Statistical process control
    • Order progress


Quality and Compliance

    • Support of complaint management
    • Quality optimization based on process data and continuous improvement
    • Quality management (ISO 9000, ISO/TS16949)
    • Ensures high quality and prevents equipment from being lost or stolen
Why Choose ElcoMES?

Fast Integration and Flexible Configuration

Take advantage of IIoT (Industrial IoT) and effective production control using ElcoMES (Elco Manufacturing Executions Systems)!

Division into individual modules

Products are subdivided into individual modules. Customers can combine module selection depending on requirements.

ElcoMES Features

A Platform for Industry 4.0


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