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Your Partner for Smart Factory





Scale quickly with our software engineers for any size project, any application.



Save time and reduce costs with competitive rates and efficient development.



Get optimized, stable, tested code that is easy to understand, maintain & reuse.

Embedded Systems

Our Services

Get optimized, stable, tested code that is easy to understand, maintain & reuse!



    • Overcome debug hurdles and solve design problems with consultants who have significant software development experience and technology expertise
    • Develop specifications, architectures & strategies as well as select OS and embedded processors



    • Design and develop Hardware and Software for Embedded Systems
    • Augment your staff with anywhere from one to 50 experienced software developers
    • Create a long-term outsourcing partnership that saves both time and money


Testing & Validation

    • Create optimum testing combination based on system requirements, technologies, and infrastructure
    • Define and execute unit testing
    • Continuous Integration and Automated Testing
    • Perform HIL/SIL test and validation



    • Develop hardware and/or software prototypes for proof of concept
    • Evaluate feasibility and usability of new innovative electronics concepts
    • Develop and produce evaluation boards for new processors and microcontrollers
Scale Quickly with Elco Engineers

We have the development services
Your Business needs

We offer fast, affordable, high quality consulting and development services for any OS, any processor, any application. We offer broad experience in operating systems, processors, and protocols—as well as specific expertise in industrial automation, automotive, and IoT. Elco Solutions is your ISO-9001-certified consulting and development partner with 15+ years’ embedded experience and 40+ major contract completions. Find out how we can accelerate your development and meet your budget, schedule, and technical requirements.

Get optimized, stable, tested code that is easy to understand, maintain & reuse!

Specific areas of expertise

Embedded Linux

Elco Solutions Team can develop complete Linux board support Packages allowing our customers to stay focused on the development for their specific applications. We can help in the following areas: bootloader and Linux kernel porting, development of custom device drivers, system integration, boot time optimization, factory flashing and in-field system upgrade, support to application developers.

Application Development

Embedded software development takes in consideration hardware restrictions (e.g. memory, processing power, NAND flash as a storage medium). Elco Solutions has many years of experience in developing application software for embedded systems and takes on partial or full responsibility for application development. Customers could also use our competences to support their internal development team.

Network / Field Buses

Embedded systems often need to communicate with the outside world. We have already designed a variety of solutions for customers that are based on real-time Ethernet communication such as EtherCat, Profinet etc. Our expertise includes TCP/IP based protocols such as Modbus and peer to peer communication such as IO-Link.

Internet of Things

Communication is nowadays a must-have feature for most embedded systems in the industrial and home automation. Elco Solutions expertise in wireless and wired communication protocols ensures proper and efficient implementation of robust data collection systems. From Sensor and actuators nodes to the cloud Elco solutions offers a complete service from a single source for your IoT projects.

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International Standards

Quality Management System

The quality management system (QMS) at Elco Solutions is certified according to the international standard ISO 9001:2015. Our QMS covers the entire operations for marketing, sales, design, development and support of embedded software. Providing high quality software products and software development services has always been a top priority for Elco Solutions. This formal certification of our extensive QMS, covering all aspects of our operations as per ISO9001:2015 is an additional step to assure customer satisfaction and continuous improvement by conducting both internal and external audits periodically.

Why Choose Us?

It's time for Change!


We help innovators engineer the products and services of tomorrow by leveraging our experts, labs, tools and frameworks across different expertise domains.


We work with leading companies to create new client experiences. Take advantage of specific expertise in industrial automation, automotive, and IoT.


Hire us for any service—consulting, development, test & validation, or prototyping: Scale as needed for any timeframe, any size project, any application.


Stay under budget with a minimum 25% cost savings over in-house development. Save huge development costs with software building blocks that we have already created.


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Whether you work with us for consulting, development, test & validation, or prototyping, our services will save money and time to market. Take advantage of our broad experience and focused expertise to accelerate your embedded development.

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