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Virtualization on i.MX 8 from NXP based on Xen Hypervisor:

    In the past few years virtualization has become more and more intresting. Virtualized systems helo reduce size, weight and power costs by leveraging new powerful system-on-chip devices and by enabling multiple applications to operate uninterrupted on a single processor platform.

    Virtualization allows software developers to run multiple operating systems on an multicore SoC. The open source Hypervisor Xen manages multiple processor cores assisted by built-in Hardware virtualization capabilities.

    The i.MX 8 supercharges Xen Hypervisor by bringing hardware support not only for the virtualization with the array of ARMv8-A cores, but also the security checks needed for OS security, and the hardware partitioning to provide additional separation of critical functions.

    Demonstration of Xen Hypervisor on i.MX 8 SOM Module from Toradex:

      Here is a demonstration of Xen Hypervisor running on i.MX8 multicore processors showcasing the hardware virtualization of multiple domains runing sharing CPU Power, Virtualized Ethernet, Graphic Acceleration and Display Interfaces

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