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Jacinto 7 Embedded Processor Training!

Embedded Software Training

Quickly learn expert skills to code with competence and confidence.
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Jacinto 7 Embedded Processor Training!

Embedded Software Training

Quickly learn expert skills to code with competence and confidence.
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Duration: 3-5 full days

Format: in-house and online training


The training provides an understanding of the Jacinto 7 Multicore Processor Architecture from the Boot Process to the system in operation. You learn how to boot the multicore SoC and how to use Inter-Processor communication and synchronization mechanism. The training makes sure that attendees can benefit from their knowledge when working with integrated MCUs running RTOS or Baremetal as well as with Linux on ARM Cortex A72 Cores.  

We will start with setting up the environment to compile code for both Embedded Linux OS running on Arm Cortex A72 and RTOS/Baremetal on integrated R5F MCUs or DSPs. Part 2 highlights the boot flow of the multicore SoC and how to create the necessary components from the bootloaders to the finished embedded Linux or RTOS programs.  

The attendees will also learn how to use the available hardware features to synchronize and communicate between different cores. A deep dive into multicore programming and data movement is part of the training.  

Compiling Linux Kernel and Yocto for Jacinto 7 is also part of the training. 


Embedded C/C++ Experience 
Knowledge in Embedded Processors 
Understanding of Embedded Operating Systems – RTOS – Linux  

Workshop Content

1. Processor and SDK Overview

Jacinto 7 Processor Overview

Software Development Kit Overview

Platform Development Kit

Lab 1.1: Getting Started with Jacinto 7 SDK / Development Environment under Linux/Windows

Lab 1.2: Compile SDK Examples

Lab 1.3: Prepare Linux SDK Development and Debug Environment (NFS/TFTP etc.)

2. RTOS Compiler/ Development and Debugging Tools
3. Jacinto 7 Boot Flow
4. Inter-Processor Communication IPC
5. Memory Architecture
6. SysFW and Device Manager
7. Custom board Configuration (Linux / RTOS)
8. How to Use HW Peripherals under PDK for RTOS Cores and Linux
9. Safety Features
10. Ethernet Switch
11. Linux Kernel

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Elco Solutions is a trusted TI Third Party and offers software development expertise for various TI microcontrollers and processors including the TM4C (Tiva-C) and Jacinto 7 family of devices. Elco Solutions can cover the entire software and hardware development process for customer specific projects

About TI

Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) is a global semiconductor design and manufacturing company. With a portfolio of 80000+ analog & embedded semiconductor chips, TI provides solutions for a wide array of analog and embedded processing systems, with a focus towards both the Industrial and the Automotive markets.

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Elco Solutions is a privately owned company established in 2015 with a focus on  software development and digitalization services. Elco solutions covers the entire software development process from the communication layers up to the application layers. We provide a complete solution for embedded software focusing on automotive, factory automation and industrial communication systems. Our software experts support design and development of customer specific projects subject to customer coding guidelines.

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