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Automotive Industry Revolution


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The expertise and partnerships needed to bring lean and agile principles to software development
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What we can do for you

Let’s empower the mobility revolution together – starting right now!

1. Consulting

  • Overcome debug hurdles and solve design problems with consultants who have significant software development experience and technology expertise

  • Develop specifications, architectures & strategies as well as select OS and embedded processors

2. Development

  • Design and develop HW and Software for Embedded Systems

  • Augment your staff with anywhere from one to 50 experienced software developers

  • Create a long-term outsourcing partnership that saves both time and money

3. Testing & Validation

  • Create optimum testing combination based on system requirements, technologies, and infrastructure

  • Define and execute unit testing

  • Automate test scripts

  • Perform HIL/SIL test and validation

4. Prototyping

  • Develop hardware and/or software prototypes for proof of concept

  • Evaluate feasibility and usability

Quality is our business plan!
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It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy;

Specific areas of expertise

Let’s empower the mobility revolution together – starting right now!


The Elco Solutions AUTOSAR practice consists of a variety of experts that contribute to successful software development and integration following the automotive standards. Our expertise includes AUTOSAR, ISO 26262, automotive CPUs, MCAL (Renesas, Freescale, Infineon and more), BSW/RTE/OS configuration, architecture, timing safety and methodology and process consulting.


Elco Solutions expertise in car connectivity ensures that telematics, media and more are properly and efficiently integrated. This work extends to communication protocols from all major platforms, and helps make internet browsing in automobiles more viable than ever before.

Test & Validation

Through a deep knowledge base of common diagnostic standards, we can help you to minimize and streamline your testing efforts on network, protocol and application layer levels. Elco Solutions develops intelligent automated test strategies base of common diagnostic standards and can support in error identification and analysis..

Timing Services

The number of embedded real-time systems complexity is growing dramatically. Our expertise incudes cost effective integration of complex systems with multiple modules. We ensure that all functions execute in real-time. Depending on your requirements and circumstances our specialists take on partial or full responsibility for timing issues within your project.

AUTOSAR Engineering Services

Let’s empower the mobility revolution together – starting right now!

Communication Stack

Communication Stack:

-Configuration of CAN Driver, FlexRayDriver, CANIf/ FlexRayIf

-Configuration of Com, Com Client (PDUR, CANTP, FlexRayTP)

BSW integration

BSW integration:

-Creation and integration of new modules

-Optimize resources such as memory and runtime

Integrated Toolchain

Integrated Toolchain:

-Planning and Consulting Tools

-Implementation of an Overall Development Environment, incl. Linking of Model-Based Development and Auto Code Generation

Diagnostic Communication

Diagnostic Communication:

-Configuration of different services for DCM modules

-Configuration of error analysis

Driver Programming

Driver Programming:

-Specification and implementation, e.g. driver

-Complex Device Driver (CDD)

ECU Design and Migration

ECU Design and Migration:

-Application-Oriented Selection of Hardware

-Application-Specific Software Architecture

Get a FREE, no-obligation consultation

Get a FREE, no-obligation 60-90 minute consultation. At no cost to you!
Free Consultation Embedded Software Development

Check out our embedded consulting and development services with a FREE, no-obligation 60-90 minute consultation. At no cost to you, we will:

  • Assess the technical merit, feasibility and quality of your hardware and software design

  • Provide suggestions for improvement (simplification, optimization, new features, etc.)

  • Provide a budgetary price and schedule if you have a full specification

  • Answer your questions so you can assess how we can meet your budget, schedule, and technical requirements

Regardless of whether you choose to work with us, this session will give you valuable information about your hardware and software system and is entirely complimentary.

How to accelerate your project

1 Determine your needs

Need debug help or other consulting? Want to quickly scale your development team? Looking for a full design/build? What about a prototype or test and validation? We offer all these services.

2 Get a FREE consultation

Let us walk through your hardware and software design, provide feedback, and discuss your consulting or development needs. This 60-90 minute consultation is entirely complimentary with no obligation.

3 Accelerate your development

Whether you work with us for consulting, development, test & validation, or prototyping, our services will save money and time to market. Take advantage of our broad experience and focused expertise to accelerate your embedded development.


Software is key for companies to surf the digital wave, whilst digital is the new normal – adapt or be disrupted.
Companies are either born-digital or are in the midst of a rapid digital transformation. Elco Solutions is helping organizations accelerate time to market, creating new products/services, driving operational efficiencies and delivering new client experiences.

About Elco Solutions

Elco Solutions is a privately owned company established in 2015 with a focus on  software development and digitalization services. Elco solutions covers the entire software development process from the communication layers up to the application layers. We provide a complete solution for embedded software focusing on automotive, factory automation and industrial communication systems. Our software experts support design and development of customer specific projects subject to customer coding guidelines.

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