Platform Data Driven Manufacturing


Division into individual modules

Products are subdivided into individual modules. Customers can combine modules selection depending on requirements.

Customizable modules

All individual modules are customizable depending on customer requirements.

Specific key performance indicators

Factory foor monitring tool includes multiple key performance indicators e.g. number of produced units over time, power- and raw material consumption over a production order. Elco solutions also supports customers in the definition and selection of appropriate key performance indicators.

Interfaces to common ERP systems

Interfaces to common ERP systems is supprted making it possble to export and import data from and to the ERP Systems

Architecture Data Driven Manufacturing


Data presentation

Elco Solutions factory floor Monitoring Tool includes a webbased dashboard for data visualization that works with any browser, anywhere, on any device, and for any authorized employee.



Data processing

The monitoring tool consolidates collected data and saves it into a centralized database on a local server or on the cloud depending on customers rerquirements. The tool supports optimized and fast queries.


Data collection

The factory floor monitoring tool features a data collection system supporting common industrial standards enabling a complete independance of any manufacturer. Data collection allows quick and easy connection of all common PLC controls, measuring devices and sensors

    Benefits Data Driven Manufacturing


    Productivity improvements

  • reduction of unit and process costs
  • improved cycle times
  • decrease of downtimes
  • fault prevention
  • increase in delivery performance
  • optimizing capacity utilization and load distribution
  • Realtime Information

  • visualization
  • maintenance Notification
  • feedback for planning system
  • statistical process control
  • order progress
  • Data based decisions

  • detailed real time data source for management and planning
  • optimization of setup times and final costing
  • complete order / product / batch tracking
  • Quality and Compliance

  • support of complain management
  • quality optimization based on process data and continious improvment
  • quality management (ISO 9000, ISO/TS16949 )
  • Enabling Electronics Connectivity!

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    Elco solutions covers the entire software development process from the communication layers up to the application layers. We provide a complete solution for embedded software services focusing on factory automation and industrial communication systems. Our software experts support design and development of customer specific projects subject to customer coding guidelines.

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